Sudbury Tourism

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Gainsborough's House

Thomas Gainsborough was born in Sudbury. The house has galleries showing his work and history.

There are also regular contemporary exhibitions, garden and a shop

Sudbury Heritage Centre

and Museum

Discover more about Sudbury's rich history; It's royal connections; it's links to Simon of Sudbury; Dickens's model for the rotten borough of Eatanswill in Pickwick Papers and it's prosperity based on the weaving trades and as an ancient market town.

Photo archive - Sudbury, since the dawn of photography - now over 1000 photos

New extension with interactive big screen digital history displays

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Sudbury Talbot Trail

Fourteen bronze sculptures on posts, dotted around the town and representing moments in Sudbury's history. Kid friendly guides for sale at Sudbury Tourist Information Centre
(now at the Library, Market Hill).

Start your walk round the trail at Ipswich Building Society on Market Hill, Sudbury. In their shop you'll find a big map and mural which will help you plan your walk.

Guides also available for sale at the counter.

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Weavers' Piece

at Siam Garden

In Gaol Lane, 200 yards from the Town Hall, this little garden is a memorial to Sudbury's long and continuing links to the weaving industry. Overlooks a former silk manufactury.

Booklet available at Sudbury Tourist Information Centre

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Old Market Place

opposite the Town Hall

A thriving market existed around this site for more than 600 years. An early map of the market is shown on a freestanding glass panel here.

Sudbury' famous Water Meadows

Gorgeous countryside hugs the outskirts of the historic town boundaries. Explore the ancient paths that criss-cross these meadows that are common land and have been grazed in the same way for over 1000 years. Follow the snaking River Stour, starting at the Mill Pond next to the Mill Hotel, off towards Brundon and then join the old Railway Walk, eventually heading back to the town centre.

Great for dog walking and fishing